Soak It All Up: 5 Ways to Stay Present on Your Big Day

Soak It All Up: 5 Ways to Stay Present on Your Big Day

There is a list of essentials every bride needs on her wedding day. Some items are superficial (extra lipstick); some are practical (hello, tissues); but arguably the most important thing of all is a clear and present mind. After all the anticipation, work, and love that has gone into planning your big day, the biggest potential tragedy is not smeared eyeliner or missing centerpieces, but rather forgetting to consciously experience every ounce of your day.

While a present mind might sound like a simple matter, jitters, emotions, caffeine and stress can easily get the best of any bride. Here are a few tips on how to quiet the mayhem of the day, and soak up every last drop of the wedding experience.

1. Mentally Prepare

Just like any good coach will tell you, the way you play on game day is determined by the work you put in beforehand. To keep calm and collected throughout your day, take some alone time before the bustle begins to reflect and meditate on what's about to happen. Whether it's a finger-wrinkling bath, languorous stroll or a bit of yoga, this time will center you throughout the remainder of your experience.

2. Forget Details

We know, asking a bride to stop worrying about the details of her wedding is a tall order, but it is key in remaining present. If your mind is reeling about what time flowers are being delivered, it won't have room to register those tears in your mom's eyes, or that hearty cackle coming from your maid of honor. To keep your precious brain real estate reserved for important moments, delegate all day-of responsibilities to your wedding planner, coordinator, or bridesmaids.

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3. Create Moments of Reflection

To keep yourself focused on the emotional importance of your day, make space for nostalgia and reflection. Exchange love letters with your groom the morning-of; share stories with your bridal party; place photos of you and your groom in your bridal suite; whatever feels right for you and pulls at your heart strings, do that.

4. Hydrate and Nourish

When you're stressing, caffeinating, and sipping on champagne, the mind can get frazzled quickly. To combat these factors, make sure you drink plenty of water, and eat throughout the day. It's hard to feel emotionally transcendent when you're parched and dizzy.

5. Steal a Second with Your Groom

Once your ceremony's over steal a moment alone with your new husband. Absorb the full splendor of your wedding and savor the newness of it all: your new titles, your new wedding bands, your new life together (ah!) that's just beginning. These brief moments of quiet are the closest thing you have to hitting the pause button and you'll be grateful for the memory.