Ashley Graham Opens Up About Her Husband and Their Long-Distance Marriage

Ashley Graham Opens Up About Her Husband and Their Long-Distance Marriage

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There's no doubt that plus-size model and all-around stunner Ashley Graham has had the buzziest year ever. The size-16 model and body activist is the first to cover Sports Illustrated's iconic swimsuit issue, she launched a clothing line, is Maxim's latest cover girl - and yet she still manages to find time for romance with her husband, Justin Ervin.

Just a little background on this adorable duo: Graham and Ervin are currently dealing with a long-distance marriage as Graham is currently slaying the fashion game in New York City, while Ervin works a cinematographer in Los Angeles. But not even 3,000 miles between them can stop their chemistry. "We have a rule. We don't go longer than two weeks without seeing each other," she told Entertainment Tonight. "It's absolutely fabulous. I love it. We just meet in L.A. or New York. We meet in Paris, Miami. It's pretty sexy."

Well that sounds kind of fabulous to us! These two are putting a new spin on the idea that absence makes the heart grow founder, and we love it. Need more evidence that they're totally killing the long-distance marriage game? Just take a gander at one of Graham's latest Instagram posts (oh, did we mention she's also topping the charts as one of Instagram's ruling queens?), which shows off a scandalous photo shoot moment when her hubby stopped by the set of Maxim's latest cover shoot.

Graham posted a picture from the mag on her Instagram (below) where the model is completely topless and her husband is filling in as her bra. "Yes, those are my husband's hands supporting me," Graham said of the jaw-dropping pic. "He supports me in more ways than one. What's really funny is it was my husband's idea to do that photo. We call it the Janet Jackson."

Ervin is all about his gorgeous wife baring her bod, too. The cinematographer regular posts Instagrams praising Graham and her many accomplishments, whether it be her Times Square ads or daring magazine covers. Of her latest Maxim placement, Ervin posted a photo to Facebook with the celebratory caption: "#hot off the press! New #cover alert from the hardest working #woman in the biz. #proudhusband #driverrollupthepartitionplease" Ervin posted a similar congratulatory message to his wife regarding her historic SI cover: "#history has been made and I couldn't be more #proud of my #wonderful #incredible #driven #inspiring beautiful-inside-and-out #bride !! Congratulations, Lovey!!!"

What's really fascinating about this duo? You wouldn't guess it based on this scandalous Instagram, but they were quite traditional during their courtship - they decided to wait to have sex with each other before marriage. "There was already this sexual tension, this roaringness," Graham said of her decision. "We had already established such a friendship that we had the two combine. Which, in my mind, just made magic, because now not only am I sleeping with someone that I trust and I love, but I know that he wants me. He affirms me all the time and lets me know how sexy and beautiful I am."

These two got married six years ago when Graham was 22, and they clearly have discovered the secret to keeping the spark alive (we're sure all of Graham's sexy photoshoots help too!). Take some marriage cues from this totally envious couple: Instead of feeling down when you and your hubby are away from each other, get excited for your hot and heavy reunion - sexy snaps not required.