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Common Wedding Undergarment Mistakes Brides Make

Common Wedding Undergarment Mistakes Brides Make

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It's what's on the inside that really counts! Yep, we're talking about your undergarments. Because without the right skivvies your wedding dress could look oh so wrong (just trust us on this one, brides). While it's certainly not as thrilling as saying yes to the dress, being smart about buying your bridal lingerie will get you one step closer to achieving the perfect fit. And isn't that the whole goal?

Failing to get fitted for a bra. Let's face it: you're not a 36C cup as much as you'd like to believe you are. Take time to be properly measured, urges Kleinfeld Fashion Director Terry Hall. "Most women don't know their real bra (or band) size, which can make all the difference in the world when it comes to fit. Not only will you look better, but you'll feel better too!"

Not putting any thought into it. Every great gown starts with equally as great undergarments. That's a fact, according to Hall. "I often hear some brides say, 'Just sew me into the dress and make it look perfect.' However, that's not a very wise or realistic approach." Wedding undergarments can range from pasties to a full bustier on top and Spanx to your birthday suit on the bottom, depending on your body, the style of the dress and how daring you want to be, he notes. Above all though, what's underneath should be multifunctional, flattering your figure and your dress, while still being comfortable and easy to sit, dance and eat in. You'd hate to be that bride picking out a wedgie or pulling up her bra the entire night.

Buying shapewear that's too small. It can make you look bigger! Instead, choose foundational undergarments that are smoothing, flexible and, most importantly, in your correct size, stresses Hall. "Wearing shapewear like Spanx will have the opposite effect if you're wearing one too small."

Trying to save a buck. Don't be afraid to invest in good quality lingerie. After all, you're worth it brides! But seriously, as Hall points out, "the proper foundational undergarments can make an inexpensive dress look expensive and vice versa." So this is one area you shouldn't skimp on.

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