What Should We Do if We Run Out of Rooms in Our Room Block?

What Should We Do if We Run Out of Rooms in Our Room Block?

Room blocks are a great way to let guests know which hotel is most convenient to your venue, to get them staying in the same place, and even to secure discounted rates if you reserve enough rooms. And guests love them - it takes out all the guesswork of finding a hotel room for your wedding night! But what if your guests love the option you chose so much that you totally run out of rooms? Our experts have a few tips.

The first thing to do is to contact your hotel and see if they have additional rooms available. Whether you increase the number of rooms in your block or simply ask them to help your guests book other rooms in the same hotel is up to you and the hotel (and will depend on how much availability they have left), but it might be worthwhile to negotiate adding a few extra rooms if you know that you still have a number of guests who need to book.

If the hotel is completely booked, reach out to other nearby options to see what they might have available. Try to find rooms in hotels that are close (like that option down the street that you initially overlooked!) so that any pre-wedding events you've planned will still be accessible.

Still having a hard time finding additional rooms? Figure out which guests haven't been able to find a hotel room yet, then see if AirBNB or VRBO might be good options. Got a few college friends who were late RSVPing? Encourage them to book together to share the cost. This is also a great option if your hotel has run out of standard rooms but has a few larger rooms, such as double queen beds or junior suites, that a group of your high school BFFs could split.