Once and for All, Here's How to Create the Best Wedding Registry Possible

Once and for All, Here's How to Create the Best Wedding Registry Possible

On top of planning the most fun-filled, personalized, totally-out-of-this-world wedding for your closest friends and family (no pressure), you and your soon-to-be-spouse have another major component to add to your checklist-creating your wedding registry (sigh). Debating between the black or silver toaster is not every couple's cup of tea, but we come bearing good news-mapping out your wedding registry picks just got way easier.

Leading up to the holiday season engagement season, we partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to reveal the latest and greatest registry tips. To help out all newly engaged couples, the home shopping haven got the inside scoop, surveying wedding guests to discover what they look for most when purchasing registry items. The results revealed the top gift-giving trends that recipients (a.k.a. you and your S.O.) should abide by. So to fully ensure that you and your partner are #HappilyRegistered, check out five things you should always keep in mind as you build your wedding registry.

1. Play Up the Excitement

If you're not fired up about a piece on your registry, then chances are your guests will likely feel the same. And let's be honest, who wants to give something that they're not even excited about? According to Bed Bath & Beyond's findings, guests enjoyed selecting items from the brand's kitchen appliances, cookware, kitchen accessories, and bathroom essentials departments, so use this info to your advantage. Hellllooooo, Vitamix.

2. Vary Product Prices

As you peruse products to add to your registry, make sure that you keep your price points all across the board to accommodate every guest's budget-specifically items within the $100 range. While it's a no-brainer that each guest's relationship to the couple correlates to how much he or she is willing to spend, surprisingly only 22 percent of gift givers are willing to drop $200 or more on a wedding gift from the registry. On the other hand, 49 percent of guests will buy gifts that cost $100 or less, and 29 percent of guests will spend an amount somewhere between the two.

3. Ensure Easy Pick-Up

Online shopping may be having a heyday at the moment, but don't limit purchasing options to just the web. The survey discovered that 64 percent of gift givers actually preferred buying registry items directly from the store. Your registry items should be easily accessible both online and from a brick-and-mortar location so that guests don't have to go too far out of their way for your wedding present.

4. Go Beyond Furniture and Appliances

Dinnerware and a new set of bath towels are likely top priorities for your wedding registry, but Bed Bath & Beyond challenges couples to veer into more nontraditional gifting territories. Think along the lines of power tools (your new furniture isn't going to build itself!), that fancy electric toothbrush you've always dreamed of, or even tech toys, like an Amazon Echo. Going back to point number one: The more exciting the gift, the higher the chances a guest checks it off the registry.

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5. Keep Guests in Mind

Your registry should be a true reflection of yours and your future spouse's needs, but your guests should also be factored in to your decision making. After all, they are the ones buying you necessities in the first place. So, with that being said, ask yourself if your gift givers are more likely to go the standard route, or if something slightly unconventional would be more appropriate. While you might be considering an experience-related or honeymoon fund registry, the Bed Bath & Beyond findings revealed that only one in 10 guests typically hop on this gifting trend. The majority of gift givers actually preferred sending the couple a physical present.