Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Boudoir Photography

Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Boudoir Photography

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Since getting engaged and setting a date, you've probably been closely critiquing professional wedding photographers to find one who will capture your most beautiful wedding-day moments. But have you given any thought to doing some boudoir photography as a fun way to celebrate this special time in your life? We caught up with Jenny Taylor of Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography to get a better idea of what brides-to-be can expect.

It's usually best to schedule a boudoir photoshoot about two to three months before your wedding, according to Taylor. Chances are, you're getting yourself physically and emotionally prepared for tying the knot so you will look and feel your best, Taylor says. "Plus, the excitement and happiness a bride-to-be is feeling before her wedding really shows through in photos."

On the topic of looking camera-ready, schedule any waxing appointments five to seven days before your photoshoot to avoid having any lingering bumps or redness. And don't succumb to the lure of the spray tan - it's too risky. If you do use any self-tanning products, stop applying them at least 5 days before your shoot.

"One of the biggest misconceptions about boudoir photography is that wearing super-sexy, skimpy lingerie is a requirement," Taylor notes. "While a lot of clients do choose teddies, chemises, or nГ©gligГ©es, some opt for something playful like a jersey from their guy's favorite sports team." Another option is to go for a more in-the-moment look that's highly suggestive but less revealing, like a silky robe or strategically placed bedsheet.

Taylor says the key is to pick something that highlights whatever body part you're most proud of and to choose a few different outfit options ahead of time. Try on everything before going to the shoot so you know that your selections fit well and you're comfortable showing off your body type. For instance, if you really love your stomach, then a few different bra and panty sets - some classic, some modern - are a good idea. If you have an hourglass body type, then show off your curves with a bustier or form-fitting lingerie.

As far as accessories and props go, less is more, according to Taylor. A simple pair of high heels to match your attire, and minimal jewelry - think stud earrings and a single-strand necklace - plus your engagement ring.

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You're probably not used to taking photos in lingerie or sexy attire, so how do you begin to pump yourself up? Taylor tells brides to "channel their inner Victoria's Secret supermodel" to get into the right head space for this type of activity. That means staying away from any foods that will make you bloat and chugging plenty of water for a few days beforehand. And don't have a cocktail or two in an effort to squelch any nerves. "The photoshoot itself and the final product are always better when the client is clear headed and focused," Taylor says.