How To Use Faux Flowers In Your Wedding (And Home!)

How To Use Faux Flowers In Your Wedding (And Home!)

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For a console or an entryway

Alpha Smoot

Magnolia and plum blossoms are quick to brown and fall off the branch, but these faux versions always look fresh.

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For a bedside table

Alpha Smoot

Faux roses look super realistic in a loose arrangement of soft, subtle colors. Pair with a vintage silver vase for a luxe, elegant look.

SHOP NOW: Roses from Afloral and Michaels.

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For a kitchen windowsill

Alpha Smoot

Graphic cans and bottles give a sweet, homespun vibe to these wildflower-esque arrangements.

SHOP NOW: Flowers from Jamali Garden and Afloral.

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For an unadorned corner

Alpha Smoot

You'll need only a few of these tall, high-drama stems to make a bold statement.

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